Using Art to Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies is such a great resource that makes a natural connection between visual art and reading skills. Each lesson is field tested and very relevant to teachers of a variety of age groups in both visual art and reading. The potential for the suggested lessons is great as they are flexible enough to incorporate any text or artwork and could provide a compliment to just about any concept being taught. This is a must have for any teacher looking to improve students’ comprehension skills!

Kim Haden, instructional specialist, elementary integrated curriculum, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

This is an excellent guide for both new and experienced teachers. Art and classroom teachers will find the book invaluable. It offers practical advice and well developed lessons for integrating art with reading strategies.

Educators will appreciate the list of literary and visual references.In addition, the charts and graphic organizers are easily accessible. This is a perfect book for hands on teaching and a desktop library.

Christine Karmosky, art teacher, Cape St. Claire Elementary School, Annapolis, MD

Teaching Comprehension Strategies through Visual Art: Lesson Plans for Teachers is a valuable resource for all elementary classroom teachers and all elementary art teachers looking for an integrated approach to teaching language arts and reading and the visual arts.

Written by experienced educators, Jenny Klein and Lisa Stuart have included a variety of easy to use lesson plans that represent a skillful blending of standards-based content from both the visual arts and language arts that enables students to understand and utilize both text and visual information in developing successful reading strategies.

In a time when the emphasis on reading and language arts is paramount in the field of education, Klein and Stuart have provided an invaluable approach to integrating standards-based content from language arts and visual arts into a series of well-integrated lesson plans for elementary educators that will enable students to learn the content of language arts and the visual arts while developing reading skills in all students.

F. Robert Sabol